Adriatic Social Politics

Welfare States in a Transnational Borderland: Historical Experiences in Comparison

International conference – Koper, 25–26 May 2022

25 May 2022 – Pretorska palača, Titov trg 3, Koper (Slovenia)

26 May 2022 – ZRS, Garibaldijeva ulica 1, Koper (Slovenia)

[From the book of abstract:] The Conference focuses primarily on forms of continuities and changes in social politics in an area of continuous flow of states and their structures. The aim of the Conference is that to examine similarities and differences between States that have shaped the region’s history: the Habsburg monarchy, the Kingdom of Italy before and during Fascist times, Nazi Germany in World War II, the Anglo-American military administration of the postwar years, Socialist Yugoslavia, Cold War Italy and independent Slovenia and Croatia.

The conference is organised within the framework of the research project J6-1800 Adriatic Welfare States. Social Politics in a Transnational Borderland from the mid-19th until the 21st Century and the research programme P6-0272 Mediterranean and Slovenia, co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency.

Programme & Abstracts