TriesteBookFest public history videos are online!

trieste book festival

Within the TriesteBookFest cultural activities, Loriana Ursich and Daniele Andreozzi have launched a public history project which, through videos and podcasts, aims to spread an “other” narrative of Trieste’s history. Taking the point of view of the women and the men who built Trieste, the project intends to overcome the myths – even of a literary nature – that are the basis of the city’s perception in the collective imagination. In doing so, the project wants to highlight the material nature of Trieste’s cosmopolitanism, distancing the city’s narratives from the dictatorship of border-based approaches.

Two important project outcomes are the videos Viaggi sfortunati. Trieste, la vela e i pericoli del mare (XVIII secolo) (with Michela Cembran and Lino Guanciale) and Viaggi tra mari e continenti. Trieste e la rivoluzione del vapore (XIX secolo) (with Paolo Valerio and Daniela Gattorno).

Both videos were written and produced by Loriana Ursich and Daniele Andreozzi and presented at the 2022 edition of Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino.