wecanit.eu noticed by the Social History Portal!

The International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) brings together archives, libraries, document centres, museums and research institutions specializing in the heritage, history and theory of labour and social movements from all over the world.

We are pleased to inform you that the Social History Portal the portal of the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI), has noticed the wecanit.eu, public history “spin-off” website of the MSCA-IF 2019 Project WeCanIt. Here is the link to their blog article on us: https://socialhistoryportal.org/news/articles/311147

The Social History Portal was developed within the project HOPE – Heritage of the People’s Europe (co-financed by the European Commission). It gives access to digital collections of thirteen IALHI members – over 900.000 digital objects (archives, books, brochures, leaflets, photographs, posters, prints, cartoons, sound, films and videos).

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