“WeCanIt Supports Stella Polare” Fundraising Campaign

Can two projects support each other?

Yes, if the first one deals with women in (maritime) labour history and the other one with the surfacing, assistance and social integration of victims – especially women and girls – of human trafficking and severe labour exploitation.


wecanit stellapolare

This is made possible because both of them carry out their activities in the knowledge that today, as in the past, in the case of women’s labour, the intertwining of work, exploitation, and oppression has been – and still is – very frequent. Because both of them have the awareness that coercion – even slavery – and violence can have many faces. Because for both of them, the “fallen women” are only those who have been tripped up. Because both of them wantfreedom”, “choice”, and “dignity” to be more than only words. Because both of them know that only by following the ‘Stella Polare’ (trans. North Star) ‘WeCan[do]It’.

Your donation to the “WeCanIt Supports Stella Polare” fundraising campaign will contribute to the reception and social reintegration of victims of human trafficking and severe labour exploitation, for example, through the following activities:

  • purchase of shopping vouchers;
  • coverage of beneficiaries’ rental costs;
  • coverage of beneficiaries’, or their children, school expenses;
  • purchase of vouchers for sports activities;
  • implementation of informational events in the legal, civic, and health fields and accompanying activities to the social-health care services.

More information on the ‘Stella Polare’ project here (in Italian).

Please make a donation and help us fight human trafficking and labour exploitation!

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