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Women, Maritime Labour, and Post-war Periods in the North-eastern Adriatic

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Zone A Way of Life

Labour and Daily Life at the Time of the Allied Military Government (AMG)

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Women in the Maritime Communities of the North-eastern Adriatic

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Offshore Women

Capitalism, Labour and Shipping

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Women of the Waterfront

Ports, connections, careers and life trajectories

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Notices to Mariners

International Hybrid Workshop: Women of the Waterfront. Gendering Ports, Careers, Relations and (Everyday) Life Trajectories in Modern Times

Rome, 6-7 December 2023 – Casa Internazionale delle Donne (Sala Simonetta Tosi).
The workshop aims to highlight the modalities through which gender (dis)affiliation shaped or influenced labour and/or business cultures, the relations between sexes, classes, generations, nationalities/‘races’ or other kinds of belonging, and, finally, everyday life patterns in (imperial/colonial) European port/emporium cities in Modern times (19th–20th centuries)

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An Intersectional Project

Women’s labour market participation in the maritime sector in the context of 20th-century post-World Wars transitions in the North-eastern Adriatic