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Women, Maritime Labour, and Post-war Periods in the North-eastern Adriatic

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Zone A Way of Life

Labour and Daily Life at the Time of the Allied Military Government (AMG)

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Women in the Maritime Communities of the North-eastern Adriatic

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Offshore Women

Capitalism, Labour and Shipping

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Notices to Mariners

MERMAIDS. (En)Gendering Maritime Labour and Business Histories

Online International Conference – University of Ljubljana 9-10-11 February 2022.
The aim of the conference is to highlight the modalities through which gender norms shaped or influenced labour market participation, and business and labour cultures in the maritime sector and wider industries and services in European port/emporium cities and maritime communities in Modern times (the nineteenth and twentieth centuries).

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An Intersectional Project

Women’s labour market participation in the maritime sector in the context of 20th-century post-World Wars transitions in the North-eastern Adriatic